Quality policy

Quality policy
Code: 02 Quality Policy

The basic orientation of MARCELINO D.O.O. (hereinafter referred to as the company) is to be recognized for quality in the field of digital product development.

This will be achieved by:
• Taking into account the context of the organisation and aligning the quality management system with the strategic direction of the company. Meeting customer requirements and applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
• Guiding the organisation, together with employees, to set quality objectives and defined responsibilities for meeting them.
• Establishing, applying, maintaining and continuously improving the effectiveness of the quality management system – ISO 9001:2015.
• Continuously increasing customer satisfaction
• Keeping abreast of and applying new technologies and training employees.
• Careful selection of suppliers
• Commitment to improving the quality of the digital product to exceed customer expectations
• Continuous improvement is part of every day and every job
• Ensuring our policy and procedure manuals reflect what we actually do
• Understanding how our work is integrated into the overall workflow of the business
• Continuous improvement of the quality management system at all stages.

A framework for setting quality objectives:
• We are working towards a lean organisation by digitising processes;
• High quality service means choosing technologies that offer reliability, modularity, sustainability;
• Customer satisfaction is created through a business model of improvement and innovation;
• Cloud business is at the core of our business: e-mail communication, cloud files, communication through digital channels.

Electronic tools to manage and achieve quality objectives:
• Management using ISO9001:2015 documentation toolkit (mandatory and optional documents);
• Implementation and control of tasks, projects and processes on the ISO9001 electronic company portal;
• Exclusions are identified in the ISO9001:2015 documentation toolkit;
• SWOT analysis is annexed to document 02 Quality Policy and is the basis for setting quality objectives.

The Director is responsible for ensuring that the Quality Policy is communicated to all persons working for or on behalf of the organisation and is made publicly available.