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We help companies adapt, refine and transform using innovative technologies. We help you unlock your full potential and realize your business ambitions faster.

mag. Jurij Cvikl

Research Development Manager

Marjetka Cvikl,B.Sc.Ec.

Project Manager

Andreja Tadina

Customer Support Manager

We have established long-term partnerships with the most advanced brands and platforms around the world.

We were founded in 2007 as a digital marketing agency. Our alliance brings together partners with similar values, mission and specialisation to help our clients meet their needs or goals. We bring together certified and experienced professionals and are committed to the continuous development of innovative and high-quality IT technologies. At Marcelino, we work together and independently. We serve small and medium-sized companies. We offer unique, tailor-made solutions and tools. We work with some great companies that are an important part of our in-house work. Our strategic partners are an extension of our business and trusted solutions, and help us deliver engaging customer experiences that increase our clients’ profits.

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