We are a digital engineering company that prides itself on innovative digital thinkers. We bring our expertise and experience to help many businesses transform in the world of digital marketing.

“Financira Evropska unija – NextGenerationEU”
“Funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU”

Our services

Cloud. Web Hosting. Storage.
Find and buy the perfect domain name.
eCommerce Website and a Web Portal
Websites, Online stores, Portals B2C, B2B
Discovery & strategy. Content creation. Implementation. Optimization.
E-mail marketing
Made easy, finally.
Online advertising
Google ADS, Yandex, Facebook, Instagram
Cyber Security Services

Security Risk Assessment, Penetration Testing, Cyber Security Consulting
Digital Transformation Services
Strategy, transactions and transformation
tenders for companies
Advice, support in obtaining EU grants and reimbursements and in implementing projects.

Our Approach

At Marcelino, we love working with our clients to create unique business solutions. We believe that creativity is the key to realizing great ideas for your business, and our solutions deliver results with a proven approach.

Our brands and platforms

...It is your time

we are your technical partner at the intersection of ideas, creativity and engineering

News & Insights

Find the latest news, current trends, and ongoing conversations about the most important topics.

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All servers are powered by green energy with zero CO2 emissions from environmentally friendly hydro or wind farms. If you choose us, your services will be environmentally friendly.
0% CO2 emmision