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With the mobile app PassengerEye you receive an excellent tool to increase sales and to manage your product portfolio as well as your employees. PassengerEye is a cloud service and connects quickly and easily with all existing systems and web pages.

The app is directly linked to the backend information system, where it sends data (on-site situation with a series of photos and reports) necessary for effective sales, advertising, marketing campaigns or monitoring / controlling the state at a particular construction situation. The individual data is transferred to the data pool on the cloud server. The app works even when there is no Internet connection. In this case, the data is transferred to the server when the connection is re-established. Monitoring and survey of the users are centralized.



The app is intended for merchants or sales representatives in the field. In using the app, the company can monitor inventory levels on the shelves at individual locations over a long period of time.


The app is intended for people who are engaged with tastings, with presentations of products in different places. The data that comes into the back office can be used immediately by the user in his social networks (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Youtube, …)


The app is intended for constructors monitoring individual construction phases (for example completion of installation works, painting, laying of floors, …). Using the app the constructor creates a “photo book”, including an inventory of work directly at the work site. The data is stored on a cloud server.


The app is aimed at insurance companies making inventories of damage on site. For example in agriculture, at the inspection of sowings, condition of seedlings after hail, frost, floods.


The app is user-friendly and has a fully functional user interface

The user experience is pleasant and easy throughout the use of the app. In the individual phases only functionalities required by the user are displayed.

An excellent instrument for sales promotion on site

The user of the app takes a snapshot of the situation at the location. The data is immediately transferred to the database on the server when establishing an Internet connection. This information is important because it shows the real situation on site and provides excellent support for making buying decisions, even when the sales agent is still in the field.

Possibility to immediately transfer information (photos, texts) to social networks

The app allows photos or individual sales or advertising content to be posted to specific social networks (Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Instagram, …) as soon as the user of the app saves the situation at the individual location.

Interactive map

Follow the current location or your employees and view the current state on an interactive map.

Reducing administrative work

Using the app reduces administrative work and saves time by eliminating duplicate entries. Data (photos and reports) are collected and processed in one place.


You can install the mobile app PassengerEye on your mobile device: via the Google Play Store (for Android devices) or the App Store (for iOS devices). The installation of the app is free. For further information, please call 031 324 100 or the web mail address [email protected]

We develop, design and program mobile custom applications (Android, iTunes). For additional information, please contact us at T: 031 324 100 or E: [email protected] or fill out the form on the page CONTACT.

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