In the summer months there is a slowdown in sales, but the most persistent sellers do not let up. The possibilities are hidden in the slowdown itself, as the competition is on holiday and customers have more time for certain maintenance work for which there was otherwise no time during the year, or this work should be finished until September 1 or October 1, when the school holidays are over.

How can we increase the number of contacts and of inquiries, despite the panic over GDPR? The recipe can be a good price game with a sophisticated concept of three secrets and a prepared technology platform as well as quality support from the agency. The concept is also suitable for B2B.

Customers do not have to spend big budgets on thousands of free gifts or mass advertising. Some attractive prizes are already enough and not necessarily every participant has to get one, the next component is motivated “Social Media Sharing” and finally a properly structured “E-Mail Automation”. Sometimes an attractive announcement is enough to trigger an avalanche in the social media. Some examples from the summer:

The examples of publications are from websites or social groups from our partners Marcelino:,,,

In any case, an experienced online agency must be able to answer the following questions together with its customer:

  • What is virality and which psychological keys should be used?
  • How can we make content attractive on the internet?
  • What kind of e-mail message will be sent during the campaign?
  • Where will we get the most real visitors for our money?
  • How will we perform split tests and campaign optimisation?

When the sales team has answers to all questions, success is assured and the sales department will be flooded with orders. Contact: – E: [email protected]