The Bleiburger B2B Messe, an event for SMEs, agents and distributors

Vakbit OÜ, the organiser of Bleiburger B2B Messe , has announced that their business fair and event for SMEs, agents and distributors has come to a successful end.

Small business owners, agents and distributors looking for the latest information on exporting to Austria could present themselves at the Fair Bleiburger B2B Messe.

Bleiburg City has a long trade fair tradition. In order to promote the development of the town of Bleiburg, Duke Albrecht granted the right to hold a meadow market on March 16, 1393. Various fairs have been held in Bleiburg for more than 600 years. Today, the city has several strong business communities, bringing together companies from Carinthia and Austria.

The exhibitors presenting at the Bleiburger B2B Messe met with representatives of the Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft Bleiburg Feistritz with more than 70 members attending the fair, agents of the Business association Wirtschaftsverein Bleiburg-Pliberk, representatives of the Carinthian Chamber of Agriculture, the sales chain Zadruga, political representatives of the municipality of Bleiburg and companies from Austria. The event saw lively sales talks and the conclusion of agency and sales contracts. 18 companies from outside Austria participated in the business-to-business fair.


Vakbit OÜ and the Pliberk Cultural Centre sponsored this year’s event, which addressed key issues such as:

– A networking event to find partners and agents – find the right partners and learn how to export to Austria,

– How to invest in Austria – get the right contacts for business investment,

– Exhibitor presentations – Conduct sales meetings and sign contracts.


When asked about the reasons for the creation of this B2B fair, the host of the event, the Pliberk Cultural Centre, replied, “More events and matchmaking between foreign companies and Austrian companies should be held to strengthen international cooperation and trade with each other in the face of the crisis of global supply chains.”

The Bleiburger B2B Messe was scheduled for 9.12., but due to the Covid situation in Austria it has been extended until 14.12.2021.  The meetings were held according to the 2-G rules and all protective conditions: masks, disinfection doors, temperature measurement, hand and air disinfectors. These were all high-tech products sold by exhibitors, among others.

The Bleiburger B2B Messe  is an event focused on how to export to Austria and how to find agents and business partners. The Vakbit OÜ website provides full details about the fair and this year’s event. Companies interested in exporting to Austria can visit the website:

List of companies outside Austria:

– Termontmetal disinfection doors, Termont Metal d.o.o. Covid

– Lifemed d.o.o., air disinfection equipment

– Rogue violins, violas, cellos, celli, double basses and accessories, Vesna Roger s.p.

– Carpentry for urns, wooden urns, Urnes Mizarstvo, Nikolaj Hrašar s.p.,

– Ecodom, electricity and IR panels,

– Aero Print, printing and packaging,

– Marcelino d.o.o. , programming, cloud servers, web portals, mobile applications,

– Marjetica Cvikl s.p., web and design,

– KoHa, mechanical engineering, AutoCad, prototyping,

– CIK CAK (A-anubis), leading workwear brand in Slovenia,

– VOK, MOTO60 shop,

– LD60 – Luka Dečko, motocross, motorbikes and troops,

– MCA conservatories, windows, doors,


– Boris joinery BORIS VEHOVEC s.p., We are engaged in the production of small series of furniture, mainly for the German market. 20% of the production is sold on the domestic market.

– SOLIS TURIZEM URŠKA PODGORŠEK s.p., Tailor-made tours of Slovenia. Enjoy the best private and tailor-made tours with experienced and professional guides,

– SEPRA COMMERCE Ltd, Trade and Services


Bleiburger B2B Messe Contact Information

Company: Vakbit OÜ

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +43-720-022715


Address: Kulturni dom Pliberk, Völkermarkter Straße – Velikovška cesta 10, 9150 Bleiburg, Austria



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