A web agency assists a company in creating a leading position in the web through inbound marketing. The agency achieves a leading position of the company by the attractiveness of the content and by building relationships with potential customers in a way that is appropriate to the customer’s activities. The web agency helps the company to attract loyal customers and consequently to achieve business growth.


Inbound marketing attracts the attention of buyers on the customer’s website through attractive quality content. An attractive content may change website visitors into future customers.

What attracts visitors to the web site

The strategy of inbound marketing redirects visitors to the web site by providing them with relevant respectively key content.

Presenting (perfect) content

If the client understands what challenges an ideal buyer is facing in each stage of the purchase, the client can use key content efficiently to redirect the buyer’s intention into a purchase.

Changing visitors into potential customers

By building a database and sending e-mails with appropriate content, you can encourage potential customers much more effectively to a purchase. Customers should experience shopping as pleasant.

Building loyalty

Customers can be a brand’s most loyal fans and biggest promoters. Inbound marketing works circular, because with its strategy it stimulates customers to come back.


The web agency offers SEO optimisation by making use of the most effective practices to rank a website higher in the results. Before SEO optimisation a technical revision of the website as well as a competition analysis is made.

Optimising Websites

The SEO service package includes a technical revision of the website, so that it is properly optimised for the Google search engine. The technical revision includes title, keywords, description of Meta data, URLs, design, technical errors, maps and structured data.

Optimising Content and Links

When the website is technically perfected, SEO experts focus on the optimisation of content and links, including blogs. If a business is focused locally, the web agency can develop a strategy for local search and make sure that the brand of the client appears in the results of Google Map.

Review and Correction

After an SEO optimisation the client should not stand still. With a repeated content strategy, with maintenance of all technical details and a market analysis, his activity will remain high positioned according to keywords, compared to other web competitors, who pursue the same business goals.

Analysis and Reporting

By regularly monitoring the most searched keywords related to his business, the web agency can continually adapt the business strategy of the client.


Payable media services exploit an adapted mix of channels in order to increase online exposure. The results show itself in a larger number of search results and of announcements on social media.

Adjusted Strategy of Media Planning

Each payable strategy is different. By understanding the business objective the web agency focuses on achieving this objective by help of a payable strategy, but a premium web agency will certainly not stop here. Web experts continue to test and adapt the campaign to make sure that their clients are able to get the best gross margin.

Google and Yandex Advertising

When clients are sure that their brand appears in the right keywords and is seen by the right visitors, the next step is to combine SEO strategy with the strategy of Google or Yandex advertising, which will achieve maximum coverage.

Advertising on Social Networks

The web agency ensures that content or products will be visible on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instragram or elsewhere, there, where the audience is.

Above-average Visibility of Content

Content deserves to be visible! But with the flood of information that we all perceive online, something more is needed to make sure that admirable content is properly exposed.


A web site presents the first opportunity to make an impression on a potential buyer. A web agency creates and develops a website that is attractive as well as user-friendly.

Web Design

A creative team takes care of the client’s appearance on the web. Depending on the available resources the client can choose between a priori suggestions or a design tailored to the customer, which at the same time will support mobile devices.

Uporabniku prijazno (Web site usability)

Izkušena agencija načrtuje in poskrbi, da spletna stran predstavlja prijetno izkušnjo za uporabnike z logično in enostavno navigacijsko strukturo.

Content Management System (CMS)

An agency develops the website and links it to a user-friendly CMS, which allows the user to edit and update the website later by himself. The agency also provides training and assistance in editing websites.

Maintenance of Search Results

The site is ready to compete in the race for search hits. SEO settings ensure that content, keywords, meta words and navigation are optimised.


Podjetje pridobi občinstvo s strokovno in privlačno prisotnostjo na družabnih medijih. V ta namen se razvije primerna strategija in prilagojena vsebina.

Strategija družabnih omrežij

Z izbiro prave platforme se pripravi strategija družabnih medijev, ki se sklada s poslovnimi cilji.

Pridobivanje občinstva

Družabni mediji so najboljše orodje za obojestransko komunikacijo z oboževalci in sledilci. Z ustvarjanjem vsebine, ki jo imajo sledilci radi in s tem, da se jim prisluhne, se doseže povečanje števila sledilcev.

Kampanje in promocije

Družabni medij so idealen prostor za začetek kampanje in promocije, da se bo začne govoriti o blagovni znamki. S tem se širi sporočilo znamke.

Vključitev v pogovor

Ali je naročnik prisoten tam, kjer se občinstvo pogovarja o blagovni znamki ali izdelkih? S poslušanjem se odkrije aktualna vsebino in se na primeren način vključi v pogovor, ki bo za naročnika predstavljal dodano vrednost.


A company must have control over its brand. A creative web agency helps clients to create a reputation with five stars and ensures that messages on the Web remain clear and consistent throughout each platform.

Review & Plan

A creative web agency searches the web in its entirety and analyses, which hits are associated with the client’s name, brand or key employees.

Optimising Benefits

Then the agency evaluates how to optimise rhe existing situation. It moves positive results to the top of the search results page, while negative ones retire at the bottom of the list.


Web experts build a system of warnings, which constantly monitors, whenever your activities are discussed on the web.

Measurement & Analysis

The agency creates analytical profiles and includes them in web pages to monitor flow and search results.


By focusing on the audience the web agency prepares a communication plan that sets the brand apart from the competition.


Depending on the nature of the audience and their unique shopping habits, the agency will develop a content strategy, which will complement marketing strategy and business objectives.


Once the strategy is made, it is important that the client first plans the content. The agency can help him to create a schedule, to ensure that his audience is constantly receiving high-quality content.


Depending on the tone of communication and the audience, as defined in the strategy, the agency will create quality content that will be focused on the needs of the audience. By creating useful and compelling content that is appropriate for the audience, the right content is a content that attracts potential buyers to the website to a high degree.

Distribution & Promotion

The mere creation of great content is not yet enough, because it also has to be discovered by others. A web agency can create a promotional strategy that will ensure that you can put your content directly in front of the eyes of your customers.


By creating and increasing the database of followers and recipients of e-newsletters the company will achieve the best form of conversation by using email marketing.

Strategy and Creation

Depending on what the client wants to achieve with email marketing, web experts design and structure e-newsletters, with which we satisfy both his objective and his customers.


By testing and analytic monitoring communication experts and web editors determine what works and continually improve campaigns.

Analysis and Reporting

The email campaign of the client will be analysed in terms of range, number of openings and clicks. Then a way to improve the profitability of the investment will be suggested.


For the email campaign IT experts automate the database of contacts (recipients of the newsletter). By using automation of the newsletter emails are sent targeted, depending on the interests and habits of the contacted customers.

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