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[ VACANZE BENESSERE – ULTRA LAST MINUTE  |  28.07. – 09.08.2019  | Grand hotel Rogaška✰✰✰✰SUPERIOR – Rogaška Resort ]

New WordPress Woocommerce e-shop – Gabaroni

New WordPress Woocommerce e-shop – Gabaroni

New WordPress Woocommerce shop Bio Pasta Gabaroni. See more ideas about Pasta shop, Fresh pasta and Bio & Eco Pasta…. More >

New WordPress Woocommerce e-shop – Jeweller Natassha Design

New WordPress Woocommerce e-shop – Natassha Design Jeweller

New WordPress Woocommerce shop  goldsmith Natassha Design. See more of sweet ideas in Online Store Natassha Design Jewelry for baptism, wedding, wedding, anniversary or birthday. More in Natasha’s e-shop ….. More >

ICT directors on this year’s plans: More emphasis will be on people than on the technology itself

32 directors of ICT companies mostly favourize digital transformation and artificial intelligence

Jurij Cvikl, director of the company Marcelino: “As specialists for B2B and B2C e-commerce on the cloud-based Linux platform, we will pay special attention this year to multicloud docker architecture and the development of applications with fast migration capabilities based on loads, prices and location of clouds; automation of processes in online stores and B2B catalogues, which save time for sales people and editors; cyber security, GDPR and pressure on copyright; development of special BI services; additional investments for the development of quality management and processes according to ISO27001 also in marketing departments. Sales campaigns must be quick, the sales interfaces must be simple and lean, the quality of the content high. The general struggle on international B2C and B2B markets requires cost control and high employee efficiency. We still bet on a combination of server-robust and application flexible sales architectures that enable fast sales and project management.

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How to get through the summer and have record sales despite GDPR?