AI for object recognition

Marcelino d.o.o. has developed an artificial intelligence product for object recognition in 2021.

With object tracking solutions, you can take meaningful action based on visual data from different types of cameras. Using appropriate AI algorithms in conjunction with tracking models, you can train devices to not only identify one or more objects or people, but also follow them along a specific path in real time.

1. AI product for object recognition:

The demand for autonomous knowledge – knowledge that we did not ask for but was provided for – will explode in the next decade. Sensors, whether in a smart camera, a wearable, a drone, a car or a medical device, will hold more and more of this knowledge, unlocking new branches of insight and data for us.

2. The business case for AI:

The business idea was based on the use of artificial intelligence to identify and segment approaching objects. The prototype is able to recognise and segment different objects, for example cars, trucks, buses and vans, pedestrians and animals. Real-time measurement results allow customers to immediately trigger appropriate actions.

3. Result:

We have developed a product with an artificial intelligence platform that recognises objects and can implement communication based on the recognition. The recognition can be done as object recognition in images and snapshots, in videos or with the device directly on the move and in motion.

4. Application:

In addition to counting road users for Wrapthebeast, the platform has been further developed to monitor passageways through the 007 Disinfector, the movement of the laser machine in production and the movement of visitors on the fairground. The product was also presented at MOS Celje by Termont Metal and Smart City Berlin by Marcelino at the Slovenian stand as part of the 2022 economic delegation.

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